“A thoroughly engaging program!  This is my 6th year as principal and 17th as an educator.  “Brain Challenge” is the best assembly I have ever seen.   My students are grades K-5 and this show captivated each and every one of the for the entire hour.  The questions were wonderfully age appropriate.  Yes, we are bringing them back next year!"

Principal Kristen Reingold Forest Brook ES
Smithtown Long Island NY

"For the 7th year in a row, you rocked the house! Brain Challenge is now a highly anticipated annual event."

Larry Barth (Owner/Director) Kenwal Day Camp

"Every year the students and parents love your show. I think it's terrific. How you can control a crowd of over 200 screaming kids amazes me. See you next year "

Principal Rudy Massimo, RJO M.S.
Kings Park, Long Island

"Principal Frank Corrado at Roosevelt M.S. raved about your show 12 years ago and he was right.  From your lightning spelling round to your amazing 8th grade "Simon Sez," "Brain Challenge" has become a welcome annual event. It's easily the best school assembly I have ever come across."

Principal Bob Klemt, Liberty M.S
West Orange, New Jersey

"Brain Challenge" Family Fun Night at 5th Ave. E.S., East Northport, Long Island, New York. 

After the show PTA's Catherine Dawkins said, "Holy Cow! This show was so totally awesome. My son called it 'epic.' It's the best family fun night we've ever had at this school. I'm getting terrific reviews."

PTA's Carolyn Simmons said, "Last year we had a different game show company. We weren't too happy with them. Another school told us how amazing your "Brain Challenge" Family Fun Night was."

MC Allen & PTA's Catherine Dawkins. April 26, 2014

"Your simon sez was amazing. The Brain Challenge tv game show was the best camp entertainment I have ever seen."

Donna Edington (Director),
Cedarville Country Day Camp

PTA Fundraisers

Hollyrock Entertainment is proud to provide its amazing PTA fundraiser and assembly programs. At Hollyrock, we provide a wide range of fun services and games that are perfect for many different events at school. Getting kids engaged in a school setting and environment is vital to the growth and development of our youth. Our school assemblies are second to none in the area and they will surely get your kids motivated with fun! If you are interested in our services for the PTA please call us today at (516) 364-5408. We can help you with any questions you might have about any of our services.

The Importance of School Fundraisers

PTA FundraisersFundraisers for schools are important in the development of young children. Many fundraisers run by PTAs around the country are started to raise money for a good cause. Having a fundraiser is a great way to make kids aware of other issues that are happening in the community and around the world. They can be a fun introduction to more serious topics. Getting kids interested or engaged can be difficult, but with our fun games and services, it will be easy as one-two-three.

Assemblies For All Ages!

At Hollyrock, we pride ourselves on providing school assemblies for those in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Our PTA assemblies are perfect for kids of all ages. So, whether the assembly is for a middle school class or a high school class, the kids will be engaged during the entire run time of the assembly. The atmosphere at our assemblies is quite something and the students will come out of it knowing more than they did going in. Our aim is to have the students learn without even knowing it!

The Brain Challenge Game!

This fun game for kids of all ages last approximately one hour. What makes this game great and unique is the fact that everyone plays. During the span of the game, every student will participate. The questions for the game are delivered in a "lightning round" style, so everyone will get a chance to answer. And the team-building challenges are designed in such a way that they are both exciting and educational. There is next to no downtime during this game, which makes it great for controlling kids and getting them to pay attention.

PTA Fundraisers For Your School

Hollyrock Entertainment has years of experience providing great PTA fundraisers and assemblies. We proudly serve customers from New York and New Jersey to Connecticut and Pennsylvania. We know the importance of having fun at school and how crucial development for our young kids is, which is why we take what we do here seriously. But not too seriously, because having fun is the most important element. If you are interested in our services, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you plan any upcoming PTA fundraisers!

Hollyrock Entertainment
(516) 364-5408

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