Celebrity Big Heads / Look-Alikes


Your party or convention will be the talk of the town with our fun and fabulous "celebrity big heads"—oversized celebrity look-alikes for meeting and greeting guests.

The attraction to our magnificent, one-of- a-kind
celebrity big heads is immediate!

Within seconds of our arrival, hundreds of tourists lined up outside The White House to take pictures with our one-of-a-kind celebrity big heads.

Whether it be George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, your guests will have a great time shaking hands, taking photos and "hanging out" with the Presidents. Our Celebrity Big Heads are perfect for private parties and amazingly successful at convention booths.



Do you need something special to attract potential clients to your convention booth?

Your booth will become "the place to be" with Hollyrock's Celebrity Big Heads. People will call their friends over to take pictures at your booth.  Everyone will start to congregate with smiles and laughter. There will be a constant stream of possible clients.  Celebrity Big Heads stimulate positive feelings and give your sales people an opportunity

You can have the Presidents
at a suprisingly affordable price!!!

In NYC it was a salute to the movies. When guests arrived, they met and took photos with Paul Newman, Woody Allen, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

Are you having a "Titanic" party?      


Then you must have Leonardo shaking hands, taking photos and partying with all of  your guests. 

When the Hollyrock DJs performed at a NYC 1950's-60's oldies dance, the guests had a wild time with Celebrity Big Heads of Lucille Ball and Jackie Gleason (aka Ralph Kramden).


Even the great

Marilyn Monroe

made an appearance!





A 1970's-80's disco dance party wouldn't be the same without   "Saturday Night Fever's"

John Travolta



Do you need "Bill Cosby" or "Jack Nicholson?"


Would you like us to create a custom Celebrity Big Head
for your upcoming event?

We can do that too!!!

Your party or convention will be the talk of the town with our fun and fabulous "celebrity big heads," oversized celebrity look-alikes for meeting and greeting guests.

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