“A thoroughly engaging program!  This is my 6th year as principal and 17th as an educator.  “Brain Challenge” is the best assembly I have ever seen.   My students are grades K-5 and this show captivated each and every one of the for the entire hour.  The questions were wonderfully age appropriate.  Yes, we are bringing them back next year!"

Principal Kristen Reingold Forest Brook ES
Smithtown Long Island NY

"For the 7th year in a row, you rocked the house! Brain Challenge is now a highly anticipated annual event."

Larry Barth (Owner/Director) Kenwal Day Camp

"Every year the students and parents love your show. I think it's terrific. How you can control a crowd of over 200 screaming kids amazes me. See you next year "

Principal Rudy Massimo, RJO M.S.
Kings Park, Long Island

"Principal Frank Corrado at Roosevelt M.S. raved about your show 12 years ago and he was right.  From your lightning spelling round to your amazing 8th grade "Simon Sez," "Brain Challenge" has become a welcome annual event. It's easily the best school assembly I have ever come across."

Principal Bob Klemt, Liberty M.S
West Orange, New Jersey

"Brain Challenge" Family Fun Night at 5th Ave. E.S., East Northport, Long Island, New York. 

After the show PTA's Catherine Dawkins said, "Holy Cow! This show was so totally awesome. My son called it 'epic.' It's the best family fun night we've ever had at this school. I'm getting terrific reviews."

PTA's Carolyn Simmons said, "Last year we had a different game show company. We weren't too happy with them. Another school told us how amazing your "Brain Challenge" Family Fun Night was."

MC Allen & PTA's Catherine Dawkins. April 26, 2014

"Your simon sez was amazing. The Brain Challenge tv game show was the best camp entertainment I have ever seen."

Donna Edington (Director),
Cedarville Country Day Camp

Carnival Rentals

Carnival Rentals For Those In NY, NJ, PENN & CT!

Hollyrock Entertainment provides customers with a variety of carnival party entertainment options, including fun carnival rentals. We offer our fun games for parties and events throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. So if you live in those states and need a fun idea for a party give us a call! The number for our office is (516) 364-5408. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation. We will go over all of the party options available to you!

Our Carnival Rentals Bring the Fun!

Carnival games can either be a game of skill or a game of chance. These games are typically seen at traveling carnivals, fundraisers, charity events, amusement parks, state and county fairs. Places with parties and around holidays see an influx of these sorts of games. They are typically operated on a pay per play basis. These prices range from small, like 25 cents, to perhaps a few dollars. And fun prizes can be won. Stuffed animals and toys are the most popular prizes.

Here is a complete list of the games you can choose from when you rent out our carnival party entertainment: Quarterback Touchdown, Baseball Strike Three, Hockey Shoot-Out, Soccer Goal, Lighting Striker, Lasso Roping, Ring Toss, Smash the Can, Frisbee Fling, Down The Clown, Kangaroo Joey Jump, Sombrero Throw, Kiddie Striker, Hole In One, Milk A Cow, and much more!

Types of Games

When it comes to our carnival rentals, we provide our customers with an array of options to choose from. We want you and your fellow party-goers to have a grand ole time. There are games of chance and games of skill. Now you have to ask yourself, are you a "games of chance" person? Or do you fall under a "games of skill" person? Each type of game breeds its own sort of fun. It is up to you to choose which you like best when renting our carnival games. Here is a little more on each type of game:

Carnival RentalsGames of Chance

These types of games are popular at a carnival, because of the random outcomes provided. It gives everyone involved a chance to win. The coin toss game is a perfect example. In this game, a coin, usually a dime or quarter, is tossed onto a horizontal board that has random marks on it. The marks are the same diameter as the coin that is being thrown.

The birthday game is also another prime example of this sort of game. This is when players pick designated months, colors and holidays and a random player is chosen to throw a die. Typically, players chose their own birthdays, because it is more fun that way. The die being thrown has the same months, colors and holidays written on all different sides. Whatever is shown on the face-up side wins. 

Games of Skill

These are games that test a player's particular skill at something. This could be hitting a target with a ball or weapon or shooting a basketball into a moving hoop. Some examples are the Cross Bow Shoot. the Milk Bottle game, and Balloon and Dart.

Other games of this type can test physical strength. One such game is the Rope Ladder Climb, when a player must keep their balance while climbing an angled rope ladder. This rope ladder can pivot and invert the player, making it difficult to keep their balance. In the end, the player must ring a bell to signify their win.

Both games of skill, as well as games of choice, are available in our packages with carnival rentals. We want to give you the options when it comes to our carnival rentals, which is why we offer a wide variety of carnival games that are perfect for party-goers of all ages.

Book For Your Party Today!

At Hollyrock Entertainment, we have carnival games of all types. We serve customers from across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Get the best in carnival party entertainment! For more information about our rentals, please contact us today. The number to call is (516) 364-5408. We will gladly assist you with any questions you may have about renting our carnival party entertainment and games. When you call, we will also provide you with a free consultation to go over all the options at your disposal. Get carnival rentals that fit your budget! This sort of theme for your party or event offers many great benefits. So please, do not hesitate to reach out and learn more! We look forward to helping you with your next party!

Hollyrock Entertainment
(516) 364-5408

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